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Collision and Frame Repair

Welcome to A-Line Frame & Alignment, your go-to destination for all your collision and frame repair needs in Saskatoon, SK. Our family-owned business, established in 1990, was inspired by a passion for providing top-notch services for truckers in need of wheel alignments, collision repairs, suspensions, and brakes.

We do complete collision and frame repair on all heavy truck and trailers. We are SGI accredited and work along side all insurance agencies.

Frame repair such as

  • Rust jack repair
  • Custom frame changing, lengthening and shortening
  • Welding and manufacturing
  • Frame twist, frame sways, frame sags, frame rolls and buckles
  • Trailer boxes and side repair

Contact us today for your Collision and frame needs.

Bent and crashed semi trailer
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Gravel crashed semi
Semi off road accident
Semi winter accident
Semi with a jackknifed trailer
Semi jackknife
Semi twisted trailer